Posted by: Visuddhaloka | January 15, 2009

Chennai Book fair-2009 Flourished by Sakya hostel children

32nd Chennai Book Fair Starts from 8th -18th January 2009
at St. George Anglo Indian School, Poomalee High Road, Chennai
book-fair-pohoto-9book-fair-pohoto-6book-fair-pohoto-1Chennai Book fair accommodated with More than 500 stalls of various publishers and book sellers have been set up. The event is well organized. Each stall has different variety of books like Education, Science, History & Spiritual,  Dr. B. R. Ambedkar  writing and speeches Tamil translation is the highlight of the book fair   and walkway around half a kilometer like a snake move.
Sakya hostels children visited on 13th & 14th January 2009 simultaneously, they went to each and every stall. They could find variety of books at a 10% discount. they were happy to see more Books in present there, they went nearly 300 stalls. they spent time there to search, collect, read and buy the books. It was the happiest and meaningful occasion to spend the Holiday.



  1. Dear Jayasridhar;

    Thank you for the report and I am happy the students get to read the books. Kindly encourage them to read books in English to empower their English skills. I am giving you gift Subscription of the National Geography Magazine for your students reading.

    God bless you in your efforts to help the poor children under your care.

    Joy Charles


    Please call in an international subscription for the Sakya Hostel Students at the below address and charge it our Charity account. Make sure the following address is clearly spelled out to avoid confusion.

    Sakya Hostels Students
    12/95, Subramani Nagar,
    Manali New Town,
    Chennai – 600 103. Tamil Nadu.

  2. Good Work….

    S. Umanathan
    Assistant Professor,
    School of Rural Development,
    Tata Institute of Social Sciences,
    Tuljapur, Maharashtra, India
    Mobile: 91 9324580559

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