stu1-r-kalidass1We feel much proved to introduce one of our sakya hostels student Mr. R. Kalidass to you. Three years ago when we picked him and admitted him into our hostels he resembled on of the typical adolescent of a scheduled caste person. He found very depressed in life he was shy he was an introvert he did not speak up in crowd. He used to curse himself for his unfortunate life and for being born in to a poor scheduled caste family and his parents are illiterates.
All that is said above about Mr. R. Kalidass will be seen as untrue for a visitor to our hostels. He will receive visitors cheerfully will take to them boldly will introduce our children and explain about our activities more than all this he is now on of the senior students of our hostels and guide to children.
Kalidass is interested to take up a career in fire and safety management this is a one year Diploma course in engineering which has a promising future.
An institute call NIFE based in Chennai is offering this course. They also arrange campus interviews of its students to place them with good companies. Total fees for one year is Rs. 38000.00/- (Rupees thirty five thousand only). (NIFE, No: 10, Vasu Street, Kilpauk, Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Ph: +91 44 26422112
Hence we are requesting you to sponsor the course fees for our hostels student Mr. R. Kalidass and help him to fulfill his life ambition.
We look forward for your kind support and help to Mr. R. Kalidass education



  1. im very proud of this

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